Saturday, December 18, 2010

the ghost will be happy..

It's been a couple of weeks of writing in notebooks and taking a much needed break. ( which I did enjoy, the former and the latter) That changed today when a dear friend said she had the program I needed to make my new electronic "typewriter" type. So besides the excitement of being able to open stuff not asking for a 25 digit cryptic code is the possibility of dragging this typewriter to my second home on 42nd street, sitting under that ornate ceiling and spread out with as many research books as I want.
And this will most likely be the only place I take this thing to.
Cost of a laptop that I get to figure out day by day: no comment
Cost of Office software: indebtedness to a friend
Opportunity to sit in the Rose Reading Room of the library till at least 9pm during the week in silence and write: priceless!


c.o. moed said...

wow!!! fantastic. and such a great place to write!!!!

Alana said...

yes, this is the only place I want to bring it to...although I was dismayed a bit the other day to see how many of them are taking over spots on the tables that use to be only books...a sign of the times I guess. Just don't get rid of the books. Then I'd have to start a revolt. :)

bucko said...

Priceless indeed! Who knows where the journey will go when you start in the Rose?