Tuesday, September 7, 2010

two opposite ends of the spectrum

one street, sparse with people, a long iron chain fence on what was at one time a gas station and a decrepit tenement, at least it was when I was there before. Hanging vertically along the middle is a large hand painted poster, the blurry image of a man with a gun pointed at another. In middle blazing with red and white letters:

Don't shoot! I LOVE my life!!

another street, sparse with people, trees galore. A little girl sits at a table close to the ground, books scattered around her, all on the sidewalk. children's books. She smiles up as I walk by.

" Books are twenty five cents and lemonade and cookies are free with purchase!"

Mother asks her to speak up as I politely ask her opinion of the tattered paperbacks. I buy one and get two cookies while that poster is still in my mind.


bucko said...

What a dreamlike account! Interesting how New York is full of these random encounters and juxtapositions that, added up, equal something bigger than the many multifaceted parts.

c.o. moed said...

spectacular. Perhaps a small camera in your pocket? But even without, your writing draws a billion images...

Alana said...

I wanted to take a picture but thought it best not to do so.