Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the art of connecting/disconnecting

I miss the good old days when people could actually have a conversation. You know, face to face or a hand written letter or a phone call. Reaching out to someone and hearing back was a special feeling. Even email seems more of a human connection these days. People are always amazed that I do not possess and never will, anything that has an "I" as part of it's name, a portable computer that I can start up in any location to be connected or the fact that if I want to remember something I pull out my little notebook or a piece of paper that is in my bag to write it down verses pulling out my camera and taking a picture of it.

My computer is much more comfortable at home. The one time I had to take it out recently it gave me hell and paid me back from a much needed service visit by destroying the wheels of my carry on bag I carried it in, that I've had for over 11 years. Everyone was baffled by the fact that I refused to throw the bag out and buy a new one and I went on a mission to find a repair shop, which I did, almost 60 blocks away from my house during a walk. A little old hole in the wall, the smell of leather and shoe polish hitting you the minute you came through the door. After all, nothing is wrong with the bag, even the shopkeeper grunted that it was nice. All it needed was a new set of wheels.

I know this works for some people, upgrading their lives to tune in, but not for me. Recently I had to get up really early to run an errand before work and it was nice hearing just the usual morning sounds without someone walking by screaming into their cellphone. Even got to see some old signs that I had photographed long ago but hadn't looked at in awhile. Maybe I need to get up that early more often, just to disconnect from everyone else "connecting" before beginning my day. Because by the time I begin mine, which is still fairly early, people are already plugged in.

..I just realized, does anyone even say shopkeeper anymore? :) now all I need is a Child's restaurant where I can get coffee for 10 cents and I'll be set..

and thank you Claire, via Florence about always carrying a pencil and a piece of paper :)

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