Sunday, December 20, 2009

playing dress up

sometimes a whimsical mood will come over me and the little girl that is buried somewhere inside, pokes her head out and wants to do whimsical things. So to take a scheduled breather from emptying the project in my head onto paper, recently I decided to go and stroll with the rest of the crowds to see the shops all dressed up in pretty lights and sparkles. In one such store of which I can't remember, there were beautiful dresses in the window. The kind of dresses I could never afford and even if I could, I would never want to.

So I went in and for an hour or more tried on gowns and pretended I was going to some society ball like in the old days, when the New York Times actually had a society section that announced things like "miss so-and-so had her annual tea party at the Plaza last evening and wore a gown of blue taffeta." Then I made my way to a vintage clothing store and tried on jackets from the 30's and 40's. Nice too, and within my budget except those jackets would match nothing in my present wardrobe. I would need the shoes, skirt, blouse and little hat to go along with it. Maybe a fox neck piece to compliment it all, but that's a project I don't have the time for right now... but maybe later. In the meantime, it was nice to live in a time warp for a bit.

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