Sunday, September 30, 2012

No longer my footsteps

Just arrived on the seven ten,
Thought I’d see the old gang again,

but you know how they come and go,
I’m just a stranger in town.

Ev’rywhere ev’ryone I see
Seems to wonder who I can be

And I swear no one seems to care
About a stranger in town.

I saw a cottage on a lonely old street,
The weeds have grown ‘round the gate.

Somehow I felt that you would wait here,
My sweet, but it looks like I’m too late.
Guess I’ll leave on the twelve o’ two,
Can’t believe that there’s no more you.
Is there nothing for me,
Will I always be
A stranger in my own home town?

Lyrics by Mel Torme

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c.o. moed said...

spectacular. utterly spectacular.