Wednesday, April 25, 2012

225 miles for a spoon full of sugar

getting up at an ungodly hour to pass out exhausted on a train that cost an ungodly amount of money..

In between brief intervals of rest, gazing upon waterways and greenery that don't begin with names like central, hudson or east..

Exhaustion ebbs away upon seeing the face of a dear friend..

She laughs when I remark in disbelief that her metro has carpet. Everything is foreign to me..especially the concept that you have to swipe your transit card twice, when you get on the train and off..

"Depends on what zone you end up in." she says.. I still think it sucks. must be a bitch to calculate every month.

Taking me around her city, she meets her match in the walking department. She glides in a Camry, I glide in Sauconys..

Downpour at the end of the day diverts plans to go someone where else, end up at an eatery familiar everywhere else but at home.

The medicinal remedy of quiet time and reflection was well needed and appreciated, though I am looking forward to return home. Recharged and sitting upright at a normal hour on a train that cost an ungodly sum of money..


bucko said...

A looooong way to go for sugar but not too far at all for companionship.

c.o. moed said...

gosh I just wanna go travel reading this...but maybe only on the 7 to Queens.