Tuesday, May 24, 2011

quiet refuge in chaos

an actual smile as a greeting from the archivist.

"You are my favorite customer cause you always know what you're looking for. Oh you are one of us, you don't need my help." Gestures with his hand toward the twisting walkways in between miles of files.

Passage through semi dark hallways, glimpses of dusty books I'd like to go through another time.

Till I reach these..rows of them. And in the semi darkness in the midst of a chaotic week I get to pour over approximately 50 micro reels and counting on an old machine containing information on two people.

Yes, this is my quiet time.


Bucko said...

I love that image! You make file boxes seem like potent mysteries. Do you have a picture of the machine you used--what is it, a microfiche whatsis?

Alana said...

I didn't get a pic of the microfiche machine but it is one of those trusty old ones with a gazzilion knobs and unfortunately for me connected to a printer so before I know it my hands are filled with half a stack of copy paper. And those boxes are filled with mysteries, that's why I love them!

c.o. moed said...

this is an amazing almost fairytale to read!