Friday, February 11, 2011

mental images heard and seen...


An older woman sits on chair outside her apartment on the Grand Concourse. A large pitbull sits next to her staring in the opposite direction. Neighbor comes out and says hello.

" When did you get a dog? Is that your dog?"

"Mine? Oh no, he belongs to the store. You thought he was mine? Lord, he's bigger than my whole apartment!"

Two men exiting a bank.

First one: " Did you hear about Joel? He was dead broke, played a dollar and got almost a hundred grand!"

" So what? That ain't helping me."


Sign on the side of an apartment complex from over 70 years ago advertising for "Available Apartments" "Inquire within" or call the owner at Jerome-7119.

would love to know what those went for....


bucko said...

Ah, only in New York. "Bigger than my apartment" is universally understood here.

Alana said...

yes indeed.