Sunday, October 17, 2010

journey to the center of the earth.

I left my city in a dark morning and I returned to it in a dark morning. In between that I encountered the following:

Day 1:

A bus ride, a train ride and then a car ride... then over a hundred miles of these....

A general store, a gun show, a museum dedicated to little league baseball, abandoned farms. Phone loses signal for most of the way and as service provider had warned service would be provided by another carrier, in this case a bunch of strange digits. and lots of ads on the road for these:

wanna deal on a 12-gauge shotgun???

couldn't drink the water as the filter system was down, given one bottle to use between two people and told if we needed more "we could go to the pharmacy down the street."

A news broadcast that played for over ten minutes phone calls of people who actually condoned the beating death of an immigrant saying things like "that's one less foreigner in the world and those boys just had a fight that got out of hand"

Travel Buddy: We really are in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Me: What time do you want to leave tomorrow?

TB: How bout near three? ( We left about an hour after this proposed time, still not bad)

Sleep with the dehumidifier on as a lullaby as the silence outside is too deafening.

Day 2:

Reason we are in the middle of bumble fuck goes beautifully, bride looks like a silver bell.

Then a five mile journey (up) through here:

To get to here:

Then back down the five mile path to a lovely dinner and dancing and just before me and travel buddy depart turn around to be gawked at by people in jeans, fur vests and shotguns.

Back through the rolling hills and mountains, racing against the sunlight ( almost like a reverse vampire), three cups of coffee in a row to be hot wired, bright eyed and bushy tailed, fight with relatives over the phone who are trying to get me to make a pit stop.

Me: I want to go home...thanks anyway...I already told you I am going home.

back to the train, rushing through the station that was the final leg of my journey, still bright eyed I get here:

Tip of the morning on Day 3:
Return to my city in the dark of morning, filled with a constant lullaby I recognize to go to sleep by.

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